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如何購買 How to buy


1.  瀏覽網頁, 把所選貨品加入購物籃, 選購完畢後在網頁右上方購物車進入你的購物籃, 網頁將顯示總金額, 按”VIEW CART”

2.  回顧購物籃, 右下方選擇地區之後按 "Checkout"

2.  按網頁指示填上閣下的聯絡資料及其他, 按”place order”

3.  我們將儘快經電郵/電話與閣下聯絡安排付款及交收事宜

4.  買家可選擇以下交收途徑

     - 直接到可可店交收

     - 郵寄 (需要另付郵費, 此郵費並不包括在網頁內顯示的總金額)

5.  歡迎海外買家使用paypal付款, paypal手續費為總金額的5%


How to buy through Hoho Shop website?


  • Browse through the website and put your selected products in your cart, after finished, press upper right corner icon to enter your cart, it will show the total amount, press “Checkout”

  • Review your cart, choose the destination and press “Checkout”

  • Fill in the required contact information and others, press “place order”

  • We will contact you shortly via email/phone for payment arrangement and delivery

  • Buyer may choose the following delivery channel:-

     - Purchase directly in Hoho shop

     - By postage (buyer need to pay the postage fee, which is excluded from total amount shown in your cart)

  • We welcome paypal from overseas buyer, the handling charge is 5% on total price

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